Njoku’s Family

My family have been part of the BVM family for the last 8 years. Our soon to be 8th grader started at BVM from kindergarten and since then BVM has been our go to school. We currently have all our 4 boys at BVM and our daughter is starting 1st grade at BVM come fall.

BVM school is a great place to learn and grow. My family wouldn’t trade BVM school for any other in the area as it has shaped our children’s behavior and the curriculum is amazing. Our children’s academic performance are outstanding. Our children’s pediatrician even was amazed and said to me a few weeks ago that catholic schools have put public schools to shame especially during the online learning as a result of the pandemic. The BVM school administration cares for the welfare of the students both at school and at home. They are there for the families when needed. I am proud to be a BVM school family. Thank you for all you do.




Blessed Virgin Mary School is committed to providing a holistic education in a Christ-centered environment, dedicated to Catholic identity, academic excellence, and humble service.


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