8th Grade

Mr. David Serpentine
About Your Teacher

Thursday, November 5, 2020 – Agenda

1. Journal Prompt #7: Do you believe you will be a saint one day? Why or why not? How could you act more saintly? (Explain in 3-5 sentences)
2. Saint of the Day: Saint Elizabeth
3. Saint project presentation
• St. Francis Xavier
• St. Monica
• St. Augustine

Homework: Saint project presentation

8th Grade ELA
1. Review Voyages workbook, p. 60
2. Ch. 5 Section 3, p. 88-89
3. The Outsiders movie clips
4. Intro to Personal Narrative, p. 224

Homework: Voyages workbook, p. 61 (11/6)
Outsiders essay (11/13)

7th Grade ELA
1. Do Now: Logic
2. Review Voyages workbook, p. 6
3. Chapter 1 Section 4, p. 8-9
4. Intro to Personal Narrative
5. Compare/Contrast two Personal Narrative stories, p. 222-223

Homework: Voyages workbook, p. 7 (11/6)

Social Studies
1. Research essay

Homework: Civil War Research essay (11/9)
Current events (11/30)


Wednesday, November 4, 2020 – Agenda

1. Saint of the Day: Saint Charles Borromeo
2. Saint project presentation
• St. Charles Borromeo
• St. Clare of Assisi
• St. Francis Xavier

Homework: Saint project presentation

8th Grade ELA
1. Check Voyages, p. 57-58
2. Ch. 5 Section 2, p. 86-87
3. The Outsiders movie clips

Homework: Voyages workbook, p. 60 (11/5)
Outsiders essay (11/13)

7th Grade ELA
1. Do Now: Grammar
2. Review Voyages workbook, p. 3-5
3. Chapter 1 Section 3, p. 6-7
4. The Writing Process

Homework: Voyages workbook, p. 6 (11/5)

Social Studies
1. Do Now: Chapter 15 Questions
2. 2020 election recap
3. Current events
4. Research essay

Homework: Civil War Research essay (11/9)
Current events (11/30)

Mission For The Class

Hello! My name is Mr. David Serpentine I am the 8th grade teacher at Blessed Virgin Mary. At BVM I teach 8th grade Religion, 8th grade English Language Arts, 8th grade Social Studies, and 7th grade English Language Arts.

At BVM, my mission is to help students to learn, grow, and worship. Indeed, students can learn and grow with exciting, engaging, and interactive lessons that encourage them to challenge themselves and to prepare them for the next academic level. In addition, my goal is to enhance students’ understanding and appreciation of our Christian faith in a Christ-centered environment. Yes, the themes of learning, growing, and worshiping are attainable goals and it will be a joint effort.

Previously, I taught at Springfield School District’s middle school and high school for almost five years. In addition, I worked as a writing tutor at Marple Newtown High School for almost five years as well. Furthermore, I have worked as a substitute teacher in other Delaware County school districts. In terms of my educational background, I have earned an English degree from Penn State, a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from St. Joseph’s University, and teaching certifications in English and Social Studies.

I am grateful to be a part of the BVM family and I look forward to meeting and working with everyone involved in this tight-knit community. Overall, let’s begin this new chapter together! Thank you.

Mr. David Serpentine
8th grade teacher

2020-2021 School Year

Students can expect homework on a near daily/nightly basis, including weekends. The BVM handbook (page 3) states that 7th and 8th grade students can expect on average 120 minutes of homework per night.

The purpose of homework is to extend learning done in class; in addition, homework will give students a chance to practice their skills.

Homework will be a blend of paper assessments or electronic/Google Classroom assessments.

In addition, students should write their homework down in their agenda book (every student has one and should use it). Parents, please check your son or daughter’s agenda book to make sure he/she copied down the homework and knows what the assignment/expectation is.

In my room, I write homework on the chalkboard and on the Smart Board. In addition, students should check Google Classroom if any assignment or class material is posted.



Blessed Virgin Mary School is committed to providing a holistic education in a Christ-centered environment, dedicated to Catholic identity, academic excellence, and humble service.


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