7th Grade

Miss Ruth Zimmerman
About Your Teacher

I teach Grade 7 Math, Science, Social Studies and Religion and Grade 8 Math,
and Science.
I like to read and I like to watch old movies.
My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.
I like Chinese Food.
I like frogs and have a large collection of frogs.
I like Winnie the Pooh.
My favorite season is Summer!
I like sitting on the beach and watching the ocean.
I like going to the mountains and looking at wildlife.
I like baseball and follow the Phillies whether they win or lose.
My favorite subjects in school: Math and Chemistry
I've been to Alaska, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Nebraska,
Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware,
New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New
Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and
The only foreign country I've been to is Canada.

Mission For The Class

The goal in seventh grade is to become responsible and respectful young
adults. This goal is achieved by focusing on three key points. The first
point is our religious faith. Without our faith in God we have nothing. We
try to live our lives with Christ as our model. The second point is our
pursuit of knowledge. This is attained by doing the best we can in school
and at home preparing for the next day. The third point is our
socialization with others; how do we interact and treat people every day.
This includes classmates, students, teachers and staff members, as well as
our parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and siblings.

This goal is a constant and never ending task, for both students as well as
for the adults in their lives. However, if we all work together to achieve
this goal, we will be very proud of these young men and women.


Thursday, November 5, 2020
Grade 7 :

Math - Worksheet Page 1 #1-8
First in Math - Minimum 15 minutes

Science - Study notes and Diagram
Textbook Page 28 #10 In Copybook

S.S. - Study notes on Plymouth Colony

Religion - Study notes and Map
Saints Test - Aug. thru Nov. - 11/19/2020
Grade 8

Math - P.B. Page 119 Complete #2-12 In Graphing Copybook
First in Math - Minimum of 15 minutes

Science - Study Notes



28 Sts. Simon and Jude

29 St. Colman


1 All Saints Day
31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

2 All Souls Day

3 St. Martin de Porres

4 St. Charles Borromeo

8 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

10 St.Leo the Great

11 St. Martin of Tours

12 St. Josaphat

13 St. Frances X. Cabrini

15 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
St. Albert the Great

16 St. Gertrude
St. Margaret of Scotland

17 St. Elizabeth of Hungary

18 St. Rose P. Duchesne

21 Presentation of Mary

22 Christ the King
St. Cecilia

23 St. Clement I

24 St. Andrew Dung-Lac & Companions

25 St Catherine of Alexandria

29 1st Sunday of Advent

30 St. Andrew

Wish List

The following are supplies and things the class can always use and I am grateful for the contributions:

Kleenex (any brand of tissues)
Hand Sanitizer
Paper Towels
Clorox or Lysol Wipes or any Sanitizing Wipes
Scrap paper
Index Cards
Poster Board - any color


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